All of our Australian summer camps offer pickup/drop-off from Southern Cross Station in Melbourne CBD.

The locations for our Australian summer camps are:

Upcoming Australian Summer Camps

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The OB staff helped us create the program for our students, and made it easy for the teachers to enjoy seeing their children experience Melbourne and learn new things

Year Level Coordinator

This camp was the best camp I have been on. The Instructors let the students make all of the decision on the camp. We decided everything!

Year 9 Student

Hanging out with my friends after a long hike was the best part about camp. We just chilled around the camp fire and shared out experiences of the day. They were challenging after reflecting, they were awesome


Camping out in tents was awesome. It was my first time. I also loved looking after the environment as part of my team role


Wonderful program - educational and fun and fabulous leaders who had a really positive influence on my son