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This program is a unique and an amazing opportunity for Australian students to explore the origins of a culture that has a vast history with Australia. 

OutBeyond has two offices in China, one in the North and one in the South.

OB Staff working with Chinese Principal in Beijing

The OutBeyond 11 day Greater China Exploration Program is a journey through major cities and regional areas that span China's storied past and it's progressive future. 

Participants will be immersed within the local community, learning from International students and developing their own global networks with friends they make along the way. Visiting world-class attractions like the Terracotta Warriors in Xian, the Great Wall North of Beijing and the Shaolin Temples of Henan are just some of the amazing stops on the program. Led by locals our program participants are provided with unique opportunities and unforgettable life-changing experiences. 

The OB Leadership Development program gives student participants a real opportunity to take on responsibility that develops independence through active ownership. Participants will enjoy leadership experiences that are student-led, outcomes focused and teacher-guided. 

Please note: this program is suitable for Duke participants of Bronze, Silver and Gold practice and qualifying journeys.

For a program itinerary, please scroll down the page

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost?

  1. Our China Camp is $3800.00 AUD per camper
    1. Want to book more than 1 place? Special rates are available for group bookings of 6 campers and above. Enquire directly about group discounts
    2. Returning camper? No worries, we’ve got a special 5% discount for you. Give us a call to redeem your Promo Code.

2. What is included in the cost of this program?

  • Return airfares
  • Visas
  • All food, accommodation and transport for the duration of the trip.
  • Adventure activities unique to each destination. These may include cultural activities, hiking, heritage tours, community service and more! Refer to the Program Itinerary for more information.
  • Support and guidance in the lead up to departure.
  • 24-hour emergency backup and support from our Australian-based Operations Team and from local staff overseas, for the duration of the trip.
  • 3. What kinds of qualifications do your staff have?

  • We work with thousands of students every year, running school camps for Australian schools. With that responsibility we must adhere to strict guidelines and regulations set by the relevant authorities such as the Ministry of Education, Department of Education, IATA and the Adventure Activity Standards. Minimum staff qualifications are listed below:
  • Teaching Degree (Bachelor of Education)
  • Outdoor Education (Cert 3 in Outdoor Recreation)
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • Working with Children Check and National Police Clearance
  • Minimum 2 years experience in educating children
  • OutBeyond student wellbeing and outdoor leadership certification
  • For a full list of staff qualifications please contact us directly.

    4. What does my child need to bring?

  • A full camper equipment list will be provided upon receiving your booking confirmation. The items on the camper equipment list are similar to most other camps that your child/student has attended.
  • OutBeyond will provide all camping, outdoor and activity equipment such as; Tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, cooking equipment, safety equipment, etc. Campers are welcome to bring their own personal outdoor/camp/travel equipment.
  • Click here to see a “sample camper equipment list”
  • 5. Can my child/student bring their mobile phone?

  • Yes, absolutely. We want you to be able to stay in touch with your child/student and enjoy their journey too! At the end of each day, campers will have ‘allocated phone time’ which is usually in the evening for no more than half an hour. Phones will be kept safe and stored by OB staff during the day. Students that want to take photos can use the team cameras.
  • OutBeyond reserves the right to remove phones from campers when it is interfering with camp activities and quality group engagement.
  • Please note: Parents and Carers will be given the direct contact details of the program coordination staff to contact our friendly team members at any time.
  • 6. How do I know my child will be safe ?

  • Camper safety and wellbeing is our number one priority. As mentioned above, we work with thousands of Australian school students every year. OutBeyond is an accredited outdoor education and travel provider endorsed by the Australian Federal Government’s Austrade Future Unlimited License to deliver international education experiences to students. Our program locations, venues and activities undergo regular safety and risk assessment prior, during and after the successful delivery of camp. We have taken all reasonable measures to ensure that we adhere to the Child Wellbeing and Safety Act 2005 (Vic.).
  • 7. What happens if my child/student is overseas on camp, and they get sick?

  • All OutBeyond programs destinations have 24-hour emergency backup support staff in place, with Doctors and nurses on call to handle any and all medical concerns. We are never too far from medical assistance and remain within 1 hour of definitive care (ie. Under 1 hour from Medical Support) If your camper falls sick, our staff will manage the situation, providing care and support, as well as a call home to inform you of the situation and next steps.
  • Every team also carries an extensive First Aid and Medical Kit to enable thorough management of medical symptoms that may arise whilst travelling. Leaders all hold Wilderness First Aid Qualifications, and both Leaders and Teachers are trained on the contents of the medical kits and how to deal with sickness while overseas.
  • 8. How will I be able to contact my Child?

  • Want to get in touch? No problems, just give the assigned program coordinator a call and they will happily pass on any message or put your child/student on the phone. As said above in section 5, campers will have set times in which they can contact you.
  • 9. What kind of food will they eat?

  • We are passionate about healthy eating and positive nutrition for children. We have adopted the principles of the Healthy Eating Association. We believe in food provenance and educating children on where their food comes from. Local produce and eating local has many broader community benefits.
  • Students will eat 3 meals per day, with plenty of fresh snacks for morning and afternoon tea.
  • 10. Can you cater to my child’s dietary needs?

  • Great question. We are glad you asked. Yes, of course we deal with hundreds of dietary requirements every year and enjoy supporting and providing parents and students with peace of mind. Food is one of the most important factors of camp enjoyment.
  • Just notify us of the dietary requirements and we will ensure that they are met.
  • 11. Are you equipped to handle my child’s medical requirements?

  • The short answer is, Yes but we need more details. We have an inclusive model for all camper medical requirements, however you must fully disclose your child’s/student’s medical requirements and provide our team with your medical management plan, medication and any other items we may need in order for our staff to deliver a safe and enjoyable experience.
  • 12. Where will the be staying overnight?

  • Just like our School Camps, we only use accredited group accommodation facilities that have undergone additional in-house risk assessment by our schools program operational planning team. These centres have 2 bed and 4 bed dormitory style rooms.
  • In China, we also utilise 4* hotel accommodation where appropriate.
  • Our accommodation policy is to separate boys from girls, and group students by appropriate age levels.
  • 13. What are your staff ratios and supervision policies?

  • As set by the Department of Education and in conjunction with the AAS guidelines, OutBeyond assumes duty of care for the entirety of the program.
  • Our staff ratios are maintained at a minimum of 1:7 students to adults.
  • Students are under constant supervision by our program staff and never left unaccompanied during program activities.
  • 14. Do we have a staff member that can speak the local language?

  • Yes, we have staff who are from China and will join these trips.
  • 15. What are the general ages of other students that attend?

  • The program allows for students aged between 11 years old and 17 years old to attend. The most common age range is between 13 - 15 years old.
  • Students that are slightly older, aged 16 - 17 are normally attending our program to complete their Duke of Edinburgh's International Award - which means they have to meet strict criteria and make the most out of their program to achieve completion.
  • Parents are encouraged to discuss their child’s age and needs with our staff. In some circumstances, students aged 10 years old* may attend, pending their experience with travel, school camps and parent permission and advice.
  • 16. This camp sounds awesome! Can I attend the camp?

  • Head over to our volunteer page or book a family adventure with us!
  • 17. Can I hear from other parents who have sent their children on your camps?

    1. Yes, of course, search our website for parents feedback, or give us a call and we will gladly put you in touch.

    18. Can my child travel first class? What are the transportation arrangements?

    1. Only if you are happy to book out the front of the entire plane so that other students can also travel first class, then the answer is Yes. :)

    19. Can I meet my child in country?

    1. Yes, you can, however only after the program ends. We will arrange a collection point which is typically at the departure airport.

    20. Will my child need a visa?

    1. Yes, you need a Visa to travel to China. Our planning team will organise your child’s/students Tourist Visa upon confirmation of your booking.

    21. Does my child need travel insurance?

    1. Yes, we recommend travel insurance. 
    2. We work with our own preferred travel insurance provider which is linked to DFAT and smart traveller. 
    3. Our planning team can assist you with your campers personal travel insurance requirements.
    4. Alternatively, some parents opt to use their own preferred supplier of travel insurance

    22. Does my child need vaccinations?

    1. When travelling to third-world countries, vaccinations are a personal choice. We recommend researching the smart traveller Australian Government website when considering vaccinations for your child/students.

    23. How much personal spending money will my child need?

    1. Unless you want them to bring an expensive souvenir home, not much. Ultimately it’s your choice how much you’d like to give your camper - OutBeyond recommends no more than $5-10 per day.

    24. What is your refund policy?

    1. This is outlined in the terms and conditions of booking. Please complete the Booking form to read more.

    25. I am from interstate or another country, does my child have to fly from Melbourne for these programs?

    1. Yes, Melbourne Airport is the departing Airport for the camper group. However, please ask our friendly team members if we can accommodate your needs further.



    Program Planning. Pre-departure workshop Day 0

    OutBeyond Facilitators will meet with the student group 2 weeks before the group is booked to travel. This will assist students, parents and staff with planning and preparing for their camp program. It’s also the time when students are given ownership and responsibility of their camp program and meet the OutBeyond staff and teachers who will be travelling with the group.

    Fly to Zhengzhou - The Heart of China Day 1

    Day 1 is the team travel day. Early afternoon flight from Melbourne to Zhengzhou, the Heart of China, where the team will transfer to the hotel and get some rest before the next few days, exploring of the Old and New Zhengzhou. Students will be responsible for leading the group on multiple layers of transport, including learning about the Uber of China, DiDi.

    Visit to iPhone City - Foxconn Day 2

    China's industrial culture will be on display with a visit to the Apple iPhone City, Foxconn. Here students will learn about the industrious culture and see the links to their very own lives in Australia. Understanding this culture will introduce one of the key themes, Young Entrepreneurs. This will be explored throughout many parts of the OutBeyond program.

    Australia and China - Global Neighbours Day 3

    Visiting the sister school of a Melbourne College in Zhengzhou will give participants an understanding of how interconnected the 2 education systems are already and that global communities can begin with students. The team will spend time in the school taking part in activities with the local students and OutBeyond Educators, they will also run some Team Challenges and Games with the local students. This will develop communication skills and give them experience delivering activities in an international school.

    Shaolin Monks - Be Part of the History Day 4

    Travelling into the mountains surrounding Zhengzhou, the team will visit the Shaolin Temple, home to the much-revered Shaolin Monks. This ancient order has a significant place in China’s history and our team will be able to learn within the martial arts school, meet students who are training and assist in some basic English Teaching lessons. Here they will see performances from the Shaolin Monks and take in a part of China that is steeped in tradition.

    Xi’an - home of the Terracotta Warriors Day 5

    Arriving in Xi’an, the old capital of China, the team will base themselves inside the Old Wall surrounding Xi’an City. Cycling along the Old Wall gives incredible views of surrounding areas and highlights the collision of the Old and New China. Visiting the Terracotta Warriors in nearby Lintong will see the team walk through the park where thousands of terracotta statues of the King’s Army have been excavated in the last half century. The warriors are a sight to behold.

    Building a Global Community Day 6

    The team will be distinguished guests of a Shaanxi High School, where they will be welcomed by ceremony and taken on a tour with local students. Here the team will engage in cross-cultural immersion, sharing stories, food and taking part in an Australia-China Activity session. The team will lead games, challenges, develop communication skills and create friendships with local students. This is a great opportunity to build their own global network and community.

    Beijing - the New Capital Day 7

    Beijing will be the team’s base for this 2-Day tour of Beijing’s most significant sites. Visiting the Great Wall of China is a must do for international visitors, but it is also a challenging hike. The Wall is a moderate - difficult hike and students will be responsible for navigating the section they visit, maintaining the group on what can be a busy walk. The students will have the amazing experience of Camping at the Great Wall after their days’ exploration.

    Forbidden City Exploration Day 8

    Beijing’s Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square have a long and storied past which is open for exploration in the countries capital. Students will visit the significant sites, learn from local guides and explore within the walls of the Forbidden City. Together, the team’s understanding of the cultural and political significance of these areas will grow and with it their empathy and understanding of China.

    The Future Belongs to the Entrepreneurs Day 9

    Building on the Young Entrepreneur theme of the program, the team will visit Alibaba - the world’s largest e-commerce company. The visit will focus on 21st century business ecosystems and also on the grass-roots beginning of a 6th grade teacher in an apartment to a billion dollar company. This visit becomes a great base for the team to understand the theme and apply it to challenges set by OutBeyond for them to build the understanding of business.

    China’s “Future” City Day 10

    Shanghai is often called “China of the future” and is a great city for the team to finish their program before returning to Australia. Here they will see a city that has a totally different community than anywhere else because of its cross-cultural influence over the years. With a large expat community, the team will meet some Australians living in China and have the chance to learn about their experience. Here the students will have the chance to reflect and share with the team all of their experiences and lessons learnt over a celebration dinner in traditional Chinese style.

    Return Journey to Melbourne Day 11

    The team will have a last chance to do some souvenir shopping and soak up the Chinese culture in Shanghai, preparing for their return trip home. The team will depart on an afternoon flight to Melbourne, returning the following day after flying overnight.


    What they say...

    “My daughter really, really enjoyed the OutBeyond program. She loved the exploration theme of the camp and can not wait for the next one!”
    D. Hill

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