From tourism and education specialists to logistics, and destination experts, our knowledgeable and dedicated staff aim to deliver outstanding service and excellent customer experiences.

Our Management team is supported by an advisory board, whom where industry experts, leaders, and community members reside.

Joel Thompson
Managing Director
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Joel is passionate about youth leadership and development through outdoor education, community service and travel experiences.

Born in New Zealand, one of the worlds most pristine natural environments, Joel now calls Melbourne home.

With over 9 years’ experience in nature based tourism, outdoor education, and community development, Joel is the founder and the head of the School Camps Australia Group, responsible for companies such as OutBeyond. Through this line of work, Joel has been directly responsible for more than 15,000+ students and their experiences on school camps, study tours and international travel and exchange programs.

Joel has held positions responsible for the safe delivery, risk management and compliance policies for over 60 Australian schools attending outdoor education programs. A key leader in the Australian camping and outdoor recreation community, as a National Peak body board director of the Australian Camps Association (ACA). 

Joel regularly advises organisations within the International Education and Tourism sectors, both in Australia and abroad.

An advocate for child safety, wellbeing and youth leadership, Joel also sits on the safety sub-committee of the SCA group. Safety is not a checklist, safety is a culture, and through rigorous interdisciplinary training of personnel, we are able to improve that culture.

OutBeyond programs have been designed with safety at the forefront, and student experience at the centre of everything that we do. Joel provides students and staff from all around the world with the opportunity to learn, grow and develop as global citizens, beyond the walls of the classroom.

Peter Bishop
Program Coordinator
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Originally from the UK, Peter moved to Australia six years ago, and has been working in Outdoor Education for over 10 years. Graduating with a degree in Geography and Economics, and earning his Outdoor Quals in the UK, Peter’s love of the outdoors took a turn into the professional world after working at a US summer camp in 2006. Having spent 9 summers in the US, working as both a facilitator and more recently as a Program Co-ordinator, Peter also brings 6 years experience working as a Group Leader, Activity instructor and facilitator in the Aussie bush.

Peter firmly believes that Outdoor education provides a unique opportunity for young and future leaders of today to learn, develop and use both important life and teamwork skills, that you cannot teach in a traditional 4 walls classroom. Peter lives and breathes the outdoors, whether he is living his first love of Mountain Biking or hiking a multi-day trail, he’ll be up to share the adventure.

Tim Daff
Marketing and Communications Manager
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Tim studied Graphic Design for print in the mid 2000's and following his course, leapt into the world of digital media. Tim has over 10 years experience in design, development and marketing of websites, digital business systems and traditional media.

The outdoors, and in particular the Ocean, is where Tim spends the majority of his free time. A big AFL fan, he also plays football himself. Tim is a keen fisherman, diver, kiteboarder, surfer and basically anything in or near the ocean.

YuKan Cheng
Operations Assistant
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YuKan, can speak 3 different languages, English, Cantonese, Mandarin. She has completed her Accounting and Finance degree in Hong Kong, but was in love with outdoor since she joined the Boy Scout Association when she was 12 years old. 

YuKan applies her outdoor experience into education and facilitation. She became an outdoor facilitator right away after she graduated, working with international students from all over the world for the past 4 years in different countries through Asia and Australia. 

YuKan believes experiential learning is good for students not only academically, but also for their personal development. Through her love of travel, YuKan has visited 13 provinces in China and 18 countries in the world. She loves doing solo trip with her big backpack. and meeting the locals. Travelling has opened her eyes, making her be more accepting and patient.

Dana Wu
International Education Projects (China)
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Dana joined OutBeyond through her desire to try something new, challenge herself and most of all build confidence in an international organisation. 

Whilst completing her Master degree in Global Media and communication at Melbourne University, Dana joined an OutBeyond program as a student volunteer. Here Dana witnessed the totally different education model between China and Australia and the magic power of outdoor education in developing children’s character. 

Before coming to Australia, Dana had several working experiences in different media sectors, including Chinese Top 1 TV Broadcasting System, a China Central TV Television(CCTV) documentary director's studio, and an advertising company. Dana is in love with communicating with audiences through the power of word and graphic. Now Dana has chosen the Outdoor Education as a new fresh start.

Mei Kajiwara
International education assistant (Japan)
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Mei has met OutBeyond as a volunteer. Fascinated by our vision and programs, she decided to officially join the team with the aim to develop her new skills through assisting us with Japanese marketing sales. Although her speciality lies in the Science field, her enthusiasm for challenging herself and trying new things has led her to acquire this position as an internship.

As well as her home country Japan, Mei has studied in Singapore and Melbourne. These experiences studying overseas as an international student have helped her broaden her perspective and that is something she wants other students to feel too, through our programs.

Mei has various volunteering experiences including Basketball coaching for handicapped children, tutoring Japanese in Melbourne, as well as guiding exchange students around the city. She loves spending her free time outdoors, often playing softball in the park on weekends. Family outdoor camps are her favorite memories of her childhood.

Taylor Middleton
Senior Facilitator
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Over the past 5 years, Taylor has been involved in many outdoor educational roles including facilitating at AmericanSummer Camps, leading activities atAustralian Outdoor Adventure Camp and leading Australian holiday camps. He is currently completing his final year atUniversity studying Primary SchoolTeaching, following a semester abroad inWales where he learnt about foreign educational systems. Taylor has taught in many schools around Melbourne and has also taught English and PE inSantiago, Chile.

Sharing his love for fun and adventure in the outdoors is his main motive as a Facilitator. He also enjoys teaching children core character skills that are often difficult to pick up within a classroom. Outside of Facilitating, Taylor enjoys surfing, slacklining, basketball, Australian Football and unwinding with a movie or 2. From travelling, Taylor has learnt new skills and understandings that he incorporates into his facilitating. He believes that students will learn invaluable life and interpersonal skills that will aid them in creating a successful future.

Jess Lombardozzi
Program Coordinator
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Jess completed her high school education in Melbourne, in that time she became a qualified swimming teacher for 8 years and gained a love for teaching. She completed the Bachelor of Education and has been teaching and facilitating for 4 years in a school-based environment, whilst also taking students into the outdoor classroom for outdoor education programs.

I love being able to facilitate these amazing experiences for students and teachers, watching them challenge themselves and witness them grow as people and become more confident in very rewarding.

Jess has facilitated throughout Australia and North America, learning that there are nearly no limits to what can be learned in the Outdoor Classroom.

Mary McCloskey
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Mary has been working in classrooms as a teacher’s aide for 9 years, helping build confidence and communication skills with the students. She has studied education and has a strong passion for helping students realise their full potential.

Through her work with OutBeyond, Mary has developed the outdoor education skills needed to facilitate her own camp groups.

As a creative being, Mary thrives with art based projects and activities, having studied Arts and currently undertaking a degree in Textile Design, she is able to bring some colour and creativity into her camps which help the students relax and express themselves in a way other than verbal communication. She loves to see the students challenge themselves and try breaking out of their comfort zones, it’s incredible the way that learning outside of the classroom can encourage a whole new understanding of self and environment.

Through her love of travel, Mary has visited 18 countries since her first solo trip to Europe when she was 20 years old. The experiences of travelling both solo and in a group have taught her confidence, compassion, patience, acceptance and are a strong reminder to be open minded and ready for a new life experience. 

When visiting Australia, there is so much to learn. Our beautiful natural sights are breath-taking and also provide a great opportunity to learn safety and outdoor education. Students can expect to have the trip of a lifetime when coming to Australia. It is the chance to challenge yourself and learn more about how you can work in a team, be a leader, and surprise yourself with the amount of achievements and stories you will return home with.

Some of OutBeyond's Accreditations

Australian Camps Association

Australian Camps Association

OutBeyond is a member of the Australian Camps Association, the peak body for residential camps and activity providers in Australia.

International Duke of Edinburgh Award

International Duke of Edinburgh Award

OutBeyond is a recognised Duke of Ed Employer and a Licensed Operator of providing Duke of Edinburgh programs to schools and individual students.

Licensed Tour Operator

Licensed Tour Operator

OutBeyond is licensed tour operator with Parks Victoria. As the State wide peak body for our National Parks, Parks Victoria govern all National Parks and as an operator in these parks where must adhere to strict rules and regulations set by Parks Victoria.

Leave no Trace

Leave no Trace

We are committed to protecting the outdoors by teaching and inspiring people to enjoy it responsibly. We are endorsed by LNT to provide education programs on the environment and outdoor ethics.

International Camping Fellowship

International Camping Fellowship

OutBeyond is a member of the International Camping Fellowship (ICF) as a key contributor to camping and camp programs on an international level.

Parks Victoria

Parks Victoria

OutBeyond is an accredited provider of nature based education programs and outdoor education programs with Parks Victoria,

Australian Education Future Unlimited License

Australian Education Future Unlimited License

OutBeyond has been identified and endorsed as an influential provider of International Education products and services to schools, universities and training colleges.

Australian Tourism Accreditation Program

Australian Tourism Accreditation Program

OutBeyond is an accredited under the ATAP quality assurance accreditation program

To request a full disclosure of OutBeyond certification and accreditation information, please send us an information request.

More than just a tour!

Make new friends with Australian and New Zealand families and experience unique cultural immersion at its finest!

Program Facilitator

Program Facilitator
Applications Closed

Program Service Delivery
Reports to
Program Coordinator & Operations Manager
Employment Type
Contracted Casual Employee
Australasia (Melbourne based)
Applications Open
October 1, 2018
Applications Close
November 30, 2020

Position Summary

We are looking for Program Facilitators that possess the qualities and characteristics that will help educate young people in outdoor and travel based environments.  This position requires passion, enthusiasm, energy and a dedication to working with young people and the environment. The position requires flexibility with working hours, patience and some experience in management, physical/outdoor education, tourism, education, and/or adventure activities in the outdoors. You will be responsible for leading and managing a group of students and their accompanying teachers nationally and internationally. You will need to understand the program itinerary including the program content, geographics and delivery methods in order to show expertise in your leadership delivery.

Applications for this position are now closed.
See Job Description

Our Values


We love what we do and make it fun to be involved. When it comes to fun, we’re bold, creative and don’t take ourselves too seriously (most of the time). We recognise and celebrate our achievements and successes as one family with a big imagination.

Global Citizenship

We nurture personal respect and respect for others, wherever they live. We encourage individuals to think deeply and critically about what is equitable and just, and what will minimise harm to our planet.


We encourage curiosity and strive to understand our team members, partners and clients and accept them, treating them as we’d like to be treated – as unique, valuable individuals


Above all else, we value the truth. The most important thing is to keep our word, never taking advantage of anyone and always telling the truth. We will always pursue openness and honesty, even when it hurts or we have bad news to deliver.


We work together across borders and perceived boundaries to meet the needs of our customers, team members and partners to help everyone win.


On every occasion, we are loyal to our team members, and treat our community like family.


We embrace all challenges with open arms,  persevere over long periods of time, and never lose the passion.


We treat ourselves and others as people of value; and accept everyone’s differences as strengths to enhance what we do.


Honest, equitable and non-discriminatory treatment of program participants, partners and employees.

Enhanced learning

We take initiative, focus on student outcomes through enhancing the learning opportunity. We learn from our mistakes as well as our successes to deliver excellence on a real level.

Thought Leadership

We encourage and empower our people to ask the challenging questions, in search of the deepest answers, in order to tap into talent, experience and passion.

Forward Thinking

We depend on forward thought, and thrive on working with our community to create shared value and lasting impact, to serve the younger generations.


The world is changing fast, and young people will need to be agile and willing to adapt to meet tomorrow’s world head on. We’re learning all the time. We listen to others. 

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