Message from the Managing Director

Since our founding, our company has set out to become the leading Australasian educational travel company that schools prefer, parents trust and young people remember forever. 

Our mission is to give young people the tools to imagine a world without boundaries, to live a life of unlimited possibility. 

Student Experience comes first and is at the centre of everything that we do. 

Student experience influences all of our decision making, not just some, and is the fundamental pillar that holds up our organisation. Our team members live and breathe student experience – it’s in our DNA. 

Just ask them and they’ll tell you. It reaches the furthest edges of our organisation and is the reason why we all show up to work day in and day out, regardless of bottom line. 

Our programs are intentionally designed to build on what is taught in the classroom by transporting the textbook to the real world. We develop character and skills for life through creating outdoor education, travel and community service experiences. 

Each and every young person that is given the opportunity to participate in OutBeyond’s programs, has a story. A story before they arrive, a story whilst they are in our care, and the story they go on to live, as they look forward and head off into the world as young adults. Our carefully designed programs lift students up, boost their leadership capacity, spark their inner confidence, and unlock potential. 

I feel honored to be a part of an organisation that contributes to a small but significant part of their story. 

Not all students are given the opportunity to experience leadership, because they don’t fit the status quo of a ‘leader’. So, many students whom may have not been given the opportunity to practice leadership in simulated environments, fall through the cracks and may never realise their true potential of leadership.

We are interested in ensuring that schools continuously innovate the way in which they develop moral character and life skills in the future leaders and global citizens of the world. 

Some big questions we ask ourselves when constructing our programs are: 

How will our programs remain fun and engaging? 

How will the learning within our programs assist schools with their curriculum objectives? 

How will our programs do more than prepare young people for the world of work; instead equip students with the skills they need to become active, responsible and engaged global citizens. 

We are not interested in catching up to traditional providers with traditional thinking. 

Joel Thompson

Founder, Managing Director of OutBeyond
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Some of OutBeyond's Accreditations

Australian Camps Association

Australian Camps Association

OutBeyond is a member of the Australian Camps Association, the peak body for residential camps and activity providers in Australia.

International Duke of Edinburgh Award

International Duke of Edinburgh Award

OutBeyond is a recognised Duke of Ed Employer and a Licensed Operator of providing Duke of Edinburgh programs to schools and individual students.

Licensed Tour Operator

Licensed Tour Operator

OutBeyond is licensed tour operator with Parks Victoria. As the State wide peak body for our National Parks, Parks Victoria govern all National Parks and as an operator in these parks where must adhere to strict rules and regulations set by Parks Victoria.

Leave no Trace

Leave no Trace

We are committed to protecting the outdoors by teaching and inspiring people to enjoy it responsibly. We are endorsed by LNT to provide education programs on the environment and outdoor ethics.

International Camping Fellowship

International Camping Fellowship

OutBeyond is a member of the International Camping Fellowship (ICF) as a key contributor to camping and camp programs on an international level.

Parks Victoria

Parks Victoria

OutBeyond is an accredited provider of nature based education programs and outdoor education programs with Parks Victoria,

Australian Education Future Unlimited License

Australian Education Future Unlimited License

OutBeyond has been identified and endorsed as an influential provider of International Education products and services to schools, universities and training colleges.

Australian Tourism Accreditation Program

Australian Tourism Accreditation Program

OutBeyond is an accredited under the ATAP quality assurance accreditation program

To request a full disclosure of OutBeyond certification and accreditation information, please send us an information request.

More than just a tour!

Make new friends with Australian and New Zealand families and experience unique cultural immersion at its finest!

Program Facilitator

Program Facilitator
Applications Closed

Program Service Delivery
Reports to
Program Coordinator & Operations Manager
Employment Type
Contracted Casual Employee
Australasia (Melbourne based)
Applications Open
October 1, 2018
Applications Close
November 30, 2020

Position Summary

We are looking for Program Facilitators that possess the qualities and characteristics that will help educate young people in outdoor and travel based environments.  This position requires passion, enthusiasm, energy and a dedication to working with young people and the environment. The position requires flexibility with working hours, patience and some experience in management, physical/outdoor education, tourism, education, and/or adventure activities in the outdoors. You will be responsible for leading and managing a group of students and their accompanying teachers nationally and internationally. You will need to understand the program itinerary including the program content, geographics and delivery methods in order to show expertise in your leadership delivery.

Applications for this position are now closed.
See Job Description

Our Values


We love what we do and make it fun to be involved. When it comes to fun, we’re bold, creative and don’t take ourselves too seriously (most of the time). We recognise and celebrate our achievements and successes as one family with a big imagination.

Global Citizenship

We nurture personal respect and respect for others, wherever they live. We encourage individuals to think deeply and critically about what is equitable and just, and what will minimise harm to our planet.


We encourage curiosity and strive to understand our team members, partners and clients and accept them, treating them as we’d like to be treated – as unique, valuable individuals


Above all else, we value the truth. The most important thing is to keep our word, never taking advantage of anyone and always telling the truth. We will always pursue openness and honesty, even when it hurts or we have bad news to deliver.


We work together across borders and perceived boundaries to meet the needs of our customers, team members and partners to help everyone win.


On every occasion, we are loyal to our team members, and treat our community like family.


We embrace all challenges with open arms,  persevere over long periods of time, and never lose the passion.


We treat ourselves and others as people of value; and accept everyone’s differences as strengths to enhance what we do.


Honest, equitable and non-discriminatory treatment of program participants, partners and employees.

Enhanced learning

We take initiative, focus on student outcomes through enhancing the learning opportunity. We learn from our mistakes as well as our successes to deliver excellence on a real level.

Thought Leadership

We encourage and empower our people to ask the challenging questions, in search of the deepest answers, in order to tap into talent, experience and passion.

Forward Thinking

We depend on forward thought, and thrive on working with our community to create shared value and lasting impact, to serve the younger generations.


The world is changing fast, and young people will need to be agile and willing to adapt to meet tomorrow’s world head on. We’re learning all the time. We listen to others. 

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