1. General

School Camps Australia T/A OutBeyond (OB)

These are general terms and conditions which, together with the relevant terms and conditions of our Third Party Suppliers, apply to any educational travel products/services you purchased from OB. Once you pay for your booking (whether in full or in part):

  1. You acknowledge and agree that you have read and understood these general terms and conditions; and any terms and conditions imposed by Third Party Suppliers, for whom we partner with to deliver our services;
  2. If you are not at least eighteen years of age then your legal guardian must give consent to this contract on your behalf.
  3. If you make a booking on behalf of someone, you warrant that you have the authority to accept and do accept on behalf of that person to be bound by OB’s general terms and conditions and the relevant Third Party Suppliers’ terms and conditions.

2. Cancellation / Refund Charges

OutBeyond’s cancellation and refund policy is as follows:

  1. Cancellation
    - 31 days or MORE to departure - 0% loss of total price
    - 30 days or LESS (1 month) to departure 100% loss of the total price
  2. Refund
    - 31 days or more to the START date of camp, FULL refund is available.
    - Within 30 days or less to the START date of the camp, NO refund is available. No partial refunds in any circumstances within 30 days prior to camp and NO refunds will be given post-camp.
  3. Holiday Camps Clause: In the event of a natural disaster or force majeure where the events are beyond our control, OutBeyond will aim to fully refund the participant and the reservation, however we reserve the right to offer a "credit" for a future camp of the equivalent value, as expenses may have been incurred during the planning stages of the holiday camp in which OutBeyond is unable to recover. In the event that a full refund may not be available due to unforeseen circumstances, OutBeyond will credit the participant for a future holiday camp program.
  4. Holiday Camps Clause: In the event that the participant does not accept a credit for a future program, on a case by case basis we will assess the situation independently and look to explore all options available to the booking

3. Documentation - International programs

We recommend that campers have photocopies of travel documents including passports, and travel plans. The parent/carer/camper is responsible for obtaining, and ensuring that they have available, in a timely manner all necessary documents (including passport and visas) enabling the camper to participate in the program and shall comply with all local legislation and regulations of the countries in which the program takes place (including immigration, customs and currency exchange). The student or parent shall pay OB for any loss or expense, which OB may incur or suffer as a result of breach of this clause by the student or parent.

4. Liability Limitation Clause

We have taken all reasonable care to ensure that all the services that make up the arrangements made by OB are provided by efficient and reputable and accredited businesses. These businesses should follow the local and national laws and regulations of the country and state, where they are provided. However, please be aware that overseas safety standards may be lower than in Australia. You acknowledge and agree, however that, OB has no liability for any act, omission or default, whether negligent or otherwise, of any Third Party Supplier. In circumstances where liability of OB cannot be excluded, such liability is limited to the value of the purchased travel arrangements. OB reserves the right to decline to provide services to any individual. OB accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to campers or camper property whilst using OB programs.

The parent/carer/camper acknowledge and agree that OB shall be liable for any losses related to any business of the parent/carer/camper.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, the student and the parent release OB from all claims that the parent/carer/camper have or may have had but for this release arising from or in connection with the student’s participation in the Program. To the maximum extent permitted by law, in no event will OB be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special or consequential damages arising out of or in any way connected to any act or omission of the parent/carer/camper, another camper in the camp team, any other third party, Force Majeure or any other factor or person beyond the reasonable control of OB.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, OB excludes all liability of the parent/carer/camper in relation to the Program, except where such liability is caused or contributed to by the parent/carer/camper.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, and subject to the limitations of liability set out in this clause and without limiting any non- excludable rights the student or parent may have under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 OB’s liability to the student and the parent for any loss or damage which he or she may suffer (other than personal injury resulting from the non- performance or improper performance of the services involved with the program) is limited to 100% of the price. Carriers (the providers of transport used by OB) impose their own conditions of carriage, which, together with the provisions of certain international conventions, shall form part of this Agreement and generally limit the liability of carriers. A copy of the conventions and conditions of carriage applicable to the campers program is available on request from OB.The camper must report to OB at the earliest opportunity any problem with the Program that he or she perceives so that OB can try to remedy any problem. OB will not be liable for any complaint not reported by the camper unless there is a valid reason for the failure to report.

5. Health & Safety

It is the responsibility of the parent/carer/camper and student to ensure that the camper is medically and physically fit and able to participate in all aspects of the program.

Prior to enrolling in the tour/course/program and prior to participating in the OB events (if

applicable) or departing on the pre-travel training event, the parent/carer/camper acting on represent and warrant to OB that both the student and the parent are satisfied that the student is medically and physically fit and able to complete the program without any risk or danger to the health or safety of the student.

By the camper participating in the program, OB is entitled to assume that:

  1. The camper is in good health and medically and physically fit; and
  2. Neither the parent/carer/camper is aware of any reason why the student may be particularly unsuited to taking part in the Program or may be likely to suffer illness or injury during the tour/course/program, taking into account the challenges and purposes of the program.

5.1 Personal details provided about the camper, including medical information.

OB relies on the medical information provided by the parent/carer/camper including, but not limited to, details of any mobility impairment, illness or disability or the treatment the camper may be undergoing for any physical or medical condition. The parent/carer/camper must ensure that such information is accurate, complete and up to date to help ensure the wellbeing and safety of participants during the program.

The parent/carer/camper must complete the following:

  1. Enrolment Form, Liability Waiver & Letter of Consent
  2. Medical form, and will inform OB as soon as possible if medical information changes.

The parent/carer/camper each agrees that OB shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage (including, but not limited to, consequential loss or damage) suffered or contributed to by any act or omission arising out of any omission, inaccuracy or incompleteness in the medical information the parent/carer/camper has provided to OB to date.

5.2 Pre-existing Medical Conditions

The parent/carer/camper each acknowledge that if the student has a pre- existing medical condition(s) (including, but not limited to, any allergy, illness or physical impairment), it is their responsibility to obtain and provide to OB Medical Clearance prior to the pre-travel training event (if applicable), and a further Medical Clearance prior to the tour/course/program (in the latter case to ensure the student is covered by OB medical insurance whilst on program). The parent/carer/camper also acknowledges that whilst on program, it is their responsibility to avoid any activity, environment, object or substance that may have an adverse effect on the Camper’s health or well-being. Except as disclosed in writing to OB, the parent/carer/camper is not aware of any reason why the camper may have difficulty entering, or be denied entry to, any of the countries covered by the program.

If the information given by the parent/carer/camper on the application form or under this clause is incorrect or incomplete and the correct or complete information adversely affects the students suitability to take part in the Program (whether for health, safety or other reasons), OB may terminate the agreement and withdraw the camper from the program at the expense of the parent/carer/camper.

5.3 Personal Medication including Ventolin and Epipens

OB Team Leaders are first-aid trained and all groups will be equipped with a first-aid kit. The first aid kits DO NOT include asthma medication and Epipens. It is the responsibility of the camper to carry their own asthma medication and Epipens and self- administer these medications if required. The camper must immediately inform OutBeyond staff after self administration has occurred including medication administered, dosage and time.

Prior to attending an OutBeyond program the parent/carer/camper ensures the camper is equipped with the appropriate medication required for the program duration (as well as back-up medication if the original is lost or damaged). The camper must understand the purpose of the medication and be trained in administering the medication correctly. It is the parent/carer/camper’s responsibility to ensure the camper carries a minimum of 3 x Epipens (or quantity prescribed by the students doctor) for the duration of each of the pre-travel (if applicable), and the program.

5.4 Consent for provision of medical attention by OutBeyond

The parent/carer/camper understands that OB equips all teams with a comprehensive medical kit and that all OB Team Leaders have undergone a first-aid training programs and qualifications. The parent/carer/camper authorises the OB Team Leader, the Leader Assistant and/or the Group Leader in charge to:

  1. Consent to the camper receiving medical or surgical attention as deemed necessary by our Australian medical officer or a medical practitioner in the place of the program;
  2. Administer such medical attention as they deem to be reasonably necessary;
  3. Dispense, as they deem necessary, non-prescription medication from the medical kit;
  4. Dispense prescription drugs, including, but not limited to, Diamox (for high altitude programs) under a standing order and supervision from our Australian medical officer or a local medical practitioner in the place of the program;
  5. Dispense prescription drugs in the event that they cannot contact, or it is impractical to contact, OB’s medical officer or a local medical practitioner.
    These prescription and non prescription drugs may include but are not limited to drugs that are listed on the medical kit inventory list which can be provided upon request from OB’s; and
  6. Obtain any medical attention deemed appropriate, including ambulances or other rescue transport, and agree on behalf of the camper that the parent/carer/camper will accept full financial responsibility for all medical and related expenses including transportation to the extent that it exceeds the level of insurance cover in respect of the student for the program.
  7. International Programs: The parent/carer/camper agrees that it is their responsibility to obtain appropriate travel medical advice and vaccinations for the camper. If the parent/carer/camper decides that the camper requires any travel vaccinations or medication, it is their responsibility to ensure the camper is vaccinated. The camper must be equipped with the appropriate medication for the duration of the program. OB recommends that parent/carer/camper obtains advice from the travel medicine and vaccination centre - www.traveldoctor.com.au

The parent/carer/camper agrees that it is their responsibility to obtain appropriate travel medical advice and vaccinations for the camper. If the parent/carer/camper decides that the camper requires any travel vaccinations or medication, it is their responsibility to ensure the camper is vaccinated and is also equipped for the duration of the program with the appropriate medication, which includes but is not limited to anti- malarial drugs. OB recommends that parent/carer/camper obtain, as a minimum, advice from the travel medicine and vaccination centre - www.traveldoctor.com.au

*Program/tour/course refers to the event/service that OB and its third party suppliers provide to the fee-paying group or individual participant.

6. Travel Insurance - International Programs

In unlikely circumstances, injury or illness may incur treatment costs or transportation costs. Accidents may also result in claims for damages and compensations in amounts which are difficult to collect from the offender. In order to secure oneself against such cases, we recommend that the parent/carer/camper take out domestic travel insurance of a sufficient amount.

7. Privacy & Personal Information

7.1 Introduction

Our company is committed to complying with the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000, which commenced in December 2001, and the privacy provisions of all applicable legislation. This privacy policy covers all personal information we hold, that is, information or an opinion about an individual, whose identity is apparent, or can be reasonably ascertained from that information. This includes information we have collected from parents/guardians about their children.

7.2 Respecting Your Privacy

Our respect for our client’s and staff’s’ right to privacy of their personal information is paramount. Our company has instigated procedures to ensure that all personal information, no matter how or where it is obtained, is handled securely, and in accordance with the National Privacy Principles.

7.3 This Privacy Policy Sets Out -

  • Matters of which you should be aware regarding information we may collect about you.
  • Our policies on the management of personal information, and
  • Generally, what sort of information we hold, for what purposes, and how we collect, hold and use the information.

7.4 Collecting Information

When we collect personal information from an individual, we will ensure that we do so in a fair manner and that we let the individual know where and how to contact our organisation. We will only collect information that is necessary for one or more of our camps or activities.

We will advise individuals of the purposes for which their personal information is collected and of those third parties (eg: doctor, hospital, police) to whom the information may be disclosed. Our company collects sensitive information (as defined under the Act). We will treat it with the utmost security and confidentiality. We will ensure that it is not used for any purposes, other than those for which we have obtained the individual’s consent; unless the law requires otherwise, or other exceptional circumstances prevail as described under the Act. Where an individual chooses not to provide requested information, we will advise that individual of what impact this non-disclosure may have. For example, withholding medical information about a participant, may limit the ability of the participant to participate in outdoor education activities, or endanger the group.

7.5 Disclosing Information

Our company will only disclose personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act.

This means that personal information may be disclosed -

  • For the purposes for which we have advised that we are collecting it; and for related purposes that the individual would reasonably expect.
  • Where we have the consent of the individual to do so.
  • As required by Law, or
  • Under circumstances where permitted under the Act.

7.6 Unauthorized Disclosure or Access

Our company is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals, we will view unauthorized disclosure or access to personal information by our employees, contractors or School/University/Education institutions’ as a serious breach of this policy.

Appropriate action (which may include disciplinary or legal action) will be taken in such cases.

8. Passport, Visa & Immigration - International Programs

  1. Parent/Carer/Camper are responsible for ensuring any new or existing passport held by the camper is within the validity requirements of their destination country. Upon request, OB will assist with confirming if the camper’s passport is valid.
  2. VISA’s required for certain international programs will be obtained through OutBeyond prior to program. The parent/carer/camper is responsible for ensuring passports are delivered within the required timeframes as set by OB otherwise Visa application cannot be guaranteed. OB will not be held responsible for any unsuccessful visa application if the camper’s travel status or passport validity is not confirmed by the parent/carer/camper and will incur the total program expense.

9. Partnerships and IPR owned by OutBeyond

OutBeyond has many partners and IPR pertaining to those partnerships.

School/University/Education institutions and customers of OutBeyond engaging in OutBeyond services, delivered by either OutBeyond or third party partners of OutBeyond, are relationships that are owned by OutBeyond as ‘intellectual property’.

School/University/Education institutions who purchase services from OB understand that any deviation and misguided solicitation of business without the prior written approval from OutBeyond to our third party partners, is a breach of contract between OB and the purchasing School/University/Education institution. OB does not accept any responsibility for the misconduct of inappropriate behaviour by the purchasing School/University/Education institution, which may result in negligence on the School/University/Education institution’s behalf, potentially resulting in the appropriate legal Action.

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Some of OutBeyond's Accreditations

 2019 Victorian Tourism Awards

2019 Victorian Tourism Awards

OutBeyond was awarded a Silver Award in the category of Specialised Tourism Services, a service or product that Integrates with other tourism products to enhance the visitor experience, OR; Directly provides a service or product to the visitor that enhances their visitor experience.

Sustainable Tourism Accredited Business

Sustainable Tourism Accredited Business

The Australian Tourism Accreditation certifies tourism businesses that meet specific quality assurance criteria ensuring they are committed to exceeding consumer expectations with great customer service and the highest standards of business practice. All quality tourism accredited businesses undertake regular onsite audits to ensure compliance.

Quality Tourism Accredited Business

Quality Tourism Accredited Business

The distinctive QTAB brandmark provides visitors and participants with an assurance that the tourism business has a proven commitment to the highest quality of service and business procedures.

Australian Camps Association

Australian Camps Association

OutBeyond is a member of the Australian Camps Association, the peak body for residential camps and activity providers in Australia.

International Duke of Edinburgh Award

International Duke of Edinburgh Award

OutBeyond is a recognised Duke of Ed Employer and a Licensed Operator of providing Duke of Edinburgh programs to schools and individual students.

Licensed Tour Operator

Licensed Tour Operator

OutBeyond is licensed tour operator with Parks Victoria. As the State wide peak body for our National Parks, Parks Victoria govern all National Parks and as an operator in these parks where must adhere to strict rules and regulations set by Parks Victoria.

Leave no Trace

Leave no Trace

We are committed to protecting the outdoors by teaching and inspiring people to enjoy it responsibly. We are endorsed by LNT to provide education programs on the environment and outdoor ethics.

International Camping Fellowship

International Camping Fellowship

OutBeyond is a member of the International Camping Fellowship (ICF) as a key contributor to camping and camp programs on an international level.

Parks Victoria

Parks Victoria

OutBeyond is an accredited provider of nature based education programs and outdoor education programs with Parks Victoria,

Australian Education Future Unlimited License

Australian Education Future Unlimited License

OutBeyond has been identified and endorsed as an influential provider of International Education products and services to schools, universities and training colleges.

Australian Tourism Accreditation Program

Australian Tourism Accreditation Program

OutBeyond is an accredited under the ATAP quality assurance accreditation program

To request a full disclosure of OutBeyond certification and accreditation information, please send us an information request.

More than just a tour!

Make new friends with Australian and New Zealand families and experience unique cultural immersion at its finest!

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Our Values


We encourage and empower our people to ask the challenging questions, of themselves and of others, to take on responsibility and to be accountable

We depend on forward thought and thrive on working with our community to create shared value and lasting impact to serve the younger generations

We take initiative, focussing on student outcomes through enhancing the learning opportunity

We learn from our mistakes as well as our successes to deliver excellence on a real level


We deliver honest, equitable and non-discriminatory treatment of program participants, partners and employees

We embrace all challenges with open arms, persevere over long periods of time, and never lose the passion

We work together across borders and perceived boundaries to meet the needs of our customers, team members and partners to help everyone win


We treat ourselves and others as people of value and accept everyone’s differences as strengths to enhance what we do

We encourage curiosity and strive to understand our team members, partners and clients and accept them, treating them as we’d like to be treated – as unique, valuable individuals

On every occasion, we are loyal to our team members, and treat our community like family

We encourage individuals to think deeply and critically about what is equitable and just, with a strong focus on minimising harm to our planet


We always deliver service to the best of our ability

We strive to have fun and to turn the experiences of our participants into unforgettable memories

The world is changing fast, and young people will need to be agile and willing to adapt to meet tomorrow’s world head-on. We’re learning all the time. We listen to others

Above all else, we value the truth. The most important thing is to keep our word, never taking advantage of anyone and always telling the truth. We will always pursue openness and honesty, even when it hurts or we have bad news to deliver.

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