A growing destination of choice: Sydney city programs on the rise for our inbound student visitors

Being a Melbourne based company, we tend to favor the promotion of, and delivery of programs to occur within Victoria as our backyard has everything you could ask for right?

Yes and no, a lot of international visitors, especially from Asia tend to add a must-do trip to Sydney, and why not? the Sydney harbour bridge and Opera house are two of the country’s most iconic attractions that are world renowned and recognised everywhere.

OutBeyond has been running schools’ programs here for almost 3 years, that incorporate the best that Sydney city has to offer with nearby nature-based locations, such as the blue mountains and the Colo river. Our schools travel from places as close as Melbourne, Victoria for a 4-5 day urban experience with us, to locations on the other side of the world such as Osaka, Japan and Shanghai, China. 

OutBeyond provides a full end-to-end service for our international guests, which sometimes includes visa processing and airfares (depending on our clients specific needs). Our client school groups are either fully chaperoned from their home country by OutBeyond staff and program representatives (joining them on the international flight). Or alternatively are met at the Airport Arrivals gate as soon as the foreign school groups touch down in Australia. 

These students (and their parents paying the fees), have many reasons for travelling to Australia, but they all tend to have one objective that has been set months before by the school, and that is to undertake a specific area of education topical research, such as science, engineering, mathematics or technology. Just like Australian school groups travel abroad on exchange programs or research programs, we are receiving student groups of the same nature. 

OutBeyond is often considered the preferred choice of a Study Tour provider as we make all of the land activities simple, safe and very educationally focussed. However, this Is not the case across all of our international student group markets. We have been intentional about the specific types of international schools that we will work with, and more important that we will not work with. OutBeyond doesn't set out to be all things to all people, where we excel is in carefully tailored and educationally focussed experiential travel programs and camps that meet the needs of our school clients, time and time again. 

Sydney is one of the top 3 cities to travel to as identified by our clients offshore, which is why we have been so successful in growing participation here.

Although we favour Melbourne, and regional Victoria, our client groups are always packaging multi-city destinations into our itineraries therefore our organisation has expanded significantly over the last 2 years.