Another great milestone for a young company: OutBeyond takes Silver

It was great to attend the RACV Victorian Tourism Awards in Melbourne on Thursday night in full support of Tourism and of the incredible businesses that represent our remarkable industry.

OutBeyond was awarded with a Silver Award, runner up to Parks Victoria in the category of Specialised Tourism Services, a category defined by the following;

  • a service of product that Integrates with other tourism products to enhance the visitor experience, OR;
  • Directly provides a service or product to the visitor that enhances their visitor experience.

We are thrilled with the result of a Silver Award for our international visitor experience and nature-based product offering and extremely honoured and humbled to receive recognition for all of the hard work and effort that has gone into building our organisation.

It is certainly a significant moment in history for OutBeyond. Just over 2 years ago we were delivering our very first independently exported tourism product and operating out of Kennards storage facility in Collingwood. Our company has grown exponentially since that first tour.

The recognition of this milestone, must be dedicated to a wide range of people, including all of our regional tourism operators and delivery partners that assist with the diverse composition of our itineraries, to our entire team and our advisors and strategic partners, and most importantly to our customers who give us a reason for existence.

It was an absolute honour to share this occasion with the movers and shakers and our industry.

OutBeyond is always innovating the way in which our products are seen, purchased, used and experienced and we are very excited about the future and what we can continuously give to lift our business, but more importantly to lift our industry as one.