With the Northern Hemisphere’s winter fast approaching, our managing Director has been working in China with leading international education and travel companies as they prepare to travel to warmer climates during the coming winter vacation period.

Major travel giants have and identified that more than 33,000 youth from China will embark on what is called Summer Camp abroad or You Xue during January and February 2019. With Chinese New Year falling on the 5th February next year, some groups will be limited in their capacity to remain abroad during the celebration period, while others will enjoy the festivities in foreign countries like Australia and New Zealand.

With OutBeyond’s International offering being specifically tailored for the Chinese school-group market, we understand the core needs of the parents, students and schools involved in travelling abroad.

Our Managing director Joel Thompson spends almost 5 months a year living and working in China, assisting school communities and international education companies to better understand their market, and what Australia and New Zealand have to offer in terms of quality educational experiences.

“The You xue market is heavily regulated by the Education Bureau and saturated with many smaller 1 to 2-man home-office companies who often operate in grey areas of industry regulation. This cow-boy like conduct and malpractice is an enormous threat to the industry as the saturation drives up fierce competition, price wars, but most importantly a real safety and wellbeing risk to the travelling students” Joel Thompson said.

Through his part time residency, Joel has set out with the intention to educate specific focus areas of the Chinese market on the importance of authentic educational and cultural experiences abroad, and how the disconnected mindset of putting profit ahead of the student experience, is not a long-term view and one that can have damaging effects on the industry.

Earlier in September, Joel delivered face-to-face training in Beijing to 22 educational travel representatives from a company listed on the Nasdaq. The in depth, 5-day training program comprised of four main focus areas; participant safety and wellbeing, Introduction to the education systems in Australia and in New Zealand, Mapping the Outdoor Education and Camping sector in Australasia, and the broader benefits to society of conducting student-led cultural immersion, short-stay programs.

According to the Australian Governments Department of Home Affairs, every year Chinese school-aged students arriving in Australia on tourist visas exceed 75,000, with the Chinese summer and winter vacation periods making up for the bulk of that number.

Not all of these arrival statistics make up the You xue market in Australia, however more than 62% of the visitors have reported that they had some form of educational element in their trip abroad.

OutBeyond has been identified as an Australian leader in delivering you xue programs to the Inbound Youth Travel market with a growing increase in our annual numbers of participation in our international programs.

If you're interested in finding out more, want to run your own China-Australia session or workshop, do not hesitate to contact us.