Monday March 9, 2020

Corona Virus COVID 19 – Out Beyond (OB)

Domestic Camps Advice

OutBeyond (OB’s) management of the Corona Virus is shaped by the Victorian Department of Education’s guidance, as well as National Health Authorities, Being –

Hands - should be washed regularly and dried with a paper towel or an air dryer
Touching – try not to touch your eyes, nose or mouth
Sneezing – use a tissue to cover nose and mouth or sneeze into your elbow
Feel sick? – stay at home and call your GP who will tell you what you need to do
Stay healthy – exercise, drink water, have plenty of sleep and don’t smoke
Face masks – don’t wear one if you are healthy. Only necessary if you have the virus
Flu shot – get one, they become available in due time
Shaking hands – optional. We will teach the kids the “Wuhan elbow bump” the alternative to hand to hand contact which for a moment will put a lighter element to the message.

OB asks parents to reinforce and if needed demonstrate to ensure campers appreciate what they are being asked to do and why. Similarly, OB will talk to these points with campers.

OB will –

● Consistently talk to these points throughout the camps
● Have a supply of hand sanitiser, hygienic gloves, tissues and paper towels and will teach the
campers how to sanitise properly
● Sanitise the OB owned transportation vehicles with disinfectant before campers’ board
Further, if there are campers who –
● Have been in high risk areas specifically: China, Iran, Italy or South Korea, or;
● Have symptoms such as
i) a fever
ii) sore throat
iii) fatigue
iv) shortness of breath or, in extreme cases
v) pneumonia,

we request that they do not attend camps, and, as above, isolate them and call your GP for guidance

as to what to do.

Separate advice is being provided for those booked for international camps.

Do not hesitate to call OB to discuss this matter if that might be helpful.

Your sincerely

Joel Thompson – Managing Director OutBeyond

1300 856 340