OutBeyond visited the Australian Studies Centre at East China Normal University today to talk about Outdoor Education in Australia.


Hosted by Professor Chen, Michael, the Program Coordinator for OutBeyond gave an in depth presentation on OutBeyond's philosophy on learning through experience in outdoor education environments.


Michael was able to connect with the students of East China Normal University through fun and interactive workshops and activities, including a Boomerang Clinic.


Students from the University were able to learn about the Australian Aboriginal tradition and hunting method basics of throwing boomerangs through Michaels sharing of knowledge.


Michael has been involved in outdoor education and cultural programs in regional Victoria, that have taught more than 2000 students how to throw boomerangs. Some even catch them as they come back!


Michael gave insight into why we design our programs with purpose and meaning, incorporating adventure, culture and leadership.


The University students said that they were very excited about their next visit to Australia, and OutBeyond looks forward to welcoming Professor Chen in July later on in the year.