New Zealand is and will always be one of the most peaceful and friendly countries in the world. A destination that has it all, from snow capped mountains and ancient glaciers to seaside landscapes and forests that tower over you, this country has it all.

And thats why our clients and many other student travelers are pointing their compass towards New Zealand. Direct flights have opened up opportunity for China to access this incredible country making it easier yet again.

But there’s more here than just beautiful scenery. Auckland city has an abundance of educational institutes providing world class education, and if you head a little further South, Waikato University is becoming a popular name internationally.

Thanks to Tourism New Zealand and Study New Zealand, this country is on the map and no longer sits in the shadow of it’s neighbour Australia.

Our programs are just about as local as you can get. Fully guided by New Zealand teachers, whether its a one week or three week program, students see every angle of New Zealand. The education system, the natural wonders and the Maori culture of Aotearoa. With our Managing director originally born on the North Island, his connections allow for our user groups to gain totally unique and local authentic experiences.

Our students taste, feel and immerse themselves into the New Zealand culture. Spending time with local families, sitting in school classrooms or universities, and adventuring into the spectacular outdoors are all parts of our itineraries.

Parents are expecting that their children learn something whilst they are abroad, so we feature local school immersions or shared camp or outdoor education experiences where foreign students meet local students to bond. This allows for our programs to help foster cultural understanding and appreciation for one another. Global citizenship begins with the basic understanding of how others live, from that point we are able to build upon it and develop greater empathy that helps to harvest global harmony.

Beyond the walls of the classroom, students on an OutBeyond program get up close an personal with the New Zealand wildlife. Learning about different species and how we can protect and conserve the environment.

“Our Maori cultural experiences are totally unique and one of a kind, with real connections to culture”

One new initiative that we have introduced to our programs is working with the Department of Conservation (DOC) in allowing students from China and Japan to volunteer and contribute to the local community by planting trees, removing rubbish or protecting the wildlife from pests by installing infrastructure.

This gives visiting students a real sense of ownership, belonging and a connection to the local areas in which they travel to, and also helps New Zealand.

Maori cultural experiences such as visits and stays at Maraes, learning kapa haka, and taking part in cultural activities all form a part of our itineraries. But, we tend to avoid the mainstream tourist attractions for Maori culture such as Rotorua and head to some deeper and more raw villages that only we have access to.

We have seen significant growth in participation in our New Zealand programs which gives us confidence to continue to promote this amazing country direct to market. It’s a place that you have to visit at least once in a lifetime.

The food culture here is world-class, with some of the finest produce in the world. So good in fact that it is shipped to some of the best restaurants around the world.

Our programs for the Chinese and Japanese student traveler are designed and labeled as Study Tours. An educational journey and experience that encompasses both Education and Travel into the one.

Most of the programs are two weeks in length, airport to airport where OutBeyond provides the land-package and hosts the group for their entire duration of their stay in New Zealand.

For more information please visit our website or get in touch with one of our friendly staff members on our International team.