Safety comes first and is at the forefront of everything that we do.


Students are involved in safety briefings delivered by our qualified instructors before participating in any activity on our programs.



All of our guides are trained in risk management with Wilderness First aid qualifications, and practice training drills in simulated and scenario based environments regularly.


Our first aid qualifications are above the recommended industry standard, because we take safety very seriously.


The 60hour Wilderness First Aid course gives each of our staff the ability to respond and administer first aid in remote environments.


Knowing that our staff are trained with industry qualifications, gives our school groups, principals and parents extra peace of mind.


When students are in our care, we have the responsibility that our staff and team members are skilled and qualified to deal with all first aid situations.



Our staff carry stocked and ready, state of the art First Aid kits with them at all times.


Our First Aid kits meet the Australian Standards for Workplace Health and Safety and are the best First Aid Kits on the market. 


We adhere to the standards and guidelines set by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training, the Australian Adventure Activity Standards, Outdoor Education Risk Management framework, and the Australian Tourism Accreditation program.



Our Risk Management and Safety documentation is available for download upon request by contacting us here