The Out Beyond crew attended a Career Open Day at WAI in Melbourne today to give Tertiary Students the opportunity to form new friendships, grow life skills and connect through fun adventures.


Our professional facilitators ran workshops with a number of International and Domestic students. Hosting a series of structured and sequential activities in between keynote sessions, we invited students to step out side of their comfort zones for just a few minutes to see what experiential education looked like.

We met some great people who made some surprising remarks about how our approach to running team development and fun interactive workshop games allowed them to mix and mingle with other students in a fun way.


One International Student from Brazil said that "It is very hard to meet other students on campus. With your activities and games, you made it easy to interact with each other, it can be especially difficult to make friends with the domestic students, Todd really helped break down the barriers within a few minutes and by the end of the session I knew 8 new people here"


After reflecting on each activity Todd our Education Operations Manager went on to say that "you can't be taught to be an experiential trainer, its mostly soft skills, stuff that you can only learn by doing more of it. I guess my passion for helping others to unlock their potential and develop their confidence is what makes me love my job so much."


We're looking forward to catching up with all of the students that we met on campus this week!