Fostering cross cultural exchange between Japan and Australia through OutBeyonds International Schools’ language and leadership study tour program.

OutBeyond’s international program development team, works offshore with many international schools and education partners, to enhance what is offered to school groups travelling to Australia and New Zealand on traditional short-stay tours and exchange programs.

We combine travel, outdoor activities and educational excursions that allow students to meet Australian people, experience local culture and history, and interact with our unique wildlife and environment.

As a market leader in this field, we recognise the importance of international friendship and providing a family friendly experience. We invest time and energy in working closely with schools offshore to help them to develop their ‘go-abroad study tour programs’. 

Pictured above is OutBeyonds managing director and his newborn daughter, making the time to join an certificate award and presentation ceremony for the students’ final evening in Melbourne. Our company has strong family values which is reflected in the actions of our senior leaders and consequently, what our clients can expect from us.

Each and every student must enjoy, learn and grow from an OutBeyond international schools program experience – which we are proud put our name to.

Our Managing Director recently returned from a work trip to Tokyo and Osaka where he met with key education leaders, agents and school managers to continue the longstanding efforts into transnational relationships to grow participation in OutBeyond’s unique programs, and in turn help foster cross cultural exchanges.