Get ready for Summer: Fill your summer with fun and playful water-based activities

Summer is knocking on our doorstep which means sunshine, coastline, sunscreen, beaches and outdoor fun in the water! But remember to be safe and always follow the swim-safe guidelines, such as never swimming alone and swimming between the flags when at the beach. Don’t forget to slip, slop, slap and wrap!

OutBeyond runs a wide range of beach and water-based activities such as the ones listed below, which schools regularly enjoy and include in their school camp programs.

Here are some activities that we run

Beach (sand)

  1. Coastal walks and Wildlife viewing
  2. Surf life-saving activities (beach games such as flags)
  3. Beach-cleanups and conservation activities
  4. Sports games
  5. Beach art – flotsam and jetsam
  6. Revegetation of sand dunes – conservation
  7. Rock pool rambles
  8. Coasteering

Ocean (Water)

  1. Surf lessons and surfing
  2. Swimming
  3. Body boarding
  4. Snorkeling
  5. Sea kayaking
  6. Sailing
  7. Stand up paddle boarding
  8. Fishing
  9. Kite boarding
  10. Chartered boat wildlife tours


  1. Canoeing
  2. Raft building and Rafting
  3. Swimming
  4. fishing


  1. white water rafting
  2. kayaking
  3. crossings
  4. swimming
  5. fishing
  6. tubing
  7. canoeing

We will be running a 3 open enrolment programs for individuals or small groups of students aged between 11 – 17 years old during the 2020 summer school holiday break. You can book this directly with us by visiting and experience many of the activities above.


We conserve and sustainably use the oceans, lakes and rivers. 

Water is the key to all life on earth. Water systems plays host not only to incredible biodiversity, but allows us opportunities for recreation, livelihood and enjoyment. Their ongoing health is inextricably linked to the ongoing health of communities and the planet. – OutBeyond’s Corporate Social Responsibility statement