Girls leading the way: Navigation in the Outdoors

One of the many activities that we include on our outdoor schools programs, is map reading and navigation over short- and long-range distances. Students receive some basic training from our program staff delivered within the school to develop the essential skills, before really putting themselves and their skills to the test in the wilderness – out on camp - just a few weeks later.

Pictured above are a Year 9 girls’ group who are undertaking a 5-day expedition program throughout the Grampians National Park, carrying all of their equipment on their backs, including tents, food, water, cooking equipment, clothing, shelters, sleeping bags, maps, outdoor equipment and much more

These Year 9 girls are responsible for leading their own school camp journey, encountering a set of challenges (both simulated and real-life) along the way, and working as a team to solve these series of tasks. At this level they take on full responsibility and ownership of the day-to-day management of their experience, allowing teachers and group leader to step back.

“We’re committed to developing young female leaders through challenging outdoor and sustainable travel based multi-day overnight programs, which push them into new and unfamiliar situations, where they need to work together as a team to achieve set tasks and under very different physiological, social, spiritual and physically demanding circumstances than that of the classroom,” said Joel Thompson, Director of OutBeyond.

Our outdoor leadership schools program for Girls (Year 5 – 9), can be tailored to the levels of challenge, and educational outcomes, that our school partners identify as key areas of need for their cohort. We don’t just make students walk through the bush with heavy packs and no logical purpose. There is always careful planning involved to ensure that not only the cohort achieves the desired outcomes, but more importantly each individual student gains an enormous amount of character and mindset growth from the OutBeyond experience.

“very satisfied, the program was very well organised and staff were more than willing to adapt to what the school had requested” – Caroline, Year 9 Coordinator

“I enjoyed being the executive assistant to the student leader/CEO, as some of the decisions that she had to make seemed hard, (like hiking in the correct direction for 1 hour) but I enjoyed helping her to make the decision” – Jenny, student in Year 9

“I loved being responsible for navigating and leading the team, although at some points I wasn’t sure if we were heading in the right direction, the instructor helped us understand our decisions upon our nightly reflection” – Alexa, student in Year 9

Abseiling in the Grampians National Park