Summer in Australia has given our camp program participants a real treat. 

Sunshine and golden sandy beaches makes for the perfect start to the year.


Students arrived in Brisbane where they were met by OutBeyond's outdoor education facilitators.


After a program introductory briefing in the Garden Point Botanical gardens, students were assigned different team roles. 


Some of the team roles included CEO, CFO and HR and Wellbeing coordinators. Students took on these active roles and worked together to make their week great!


"It's great to watch students lead and manage their own program, instead of our staff" - Joel Thompson, managing director of OutBeyond.




After visiting Garden Point University in Queensland, we then travelled to Kangaroo Point where the students were challenged with a 25m Abseiling activity. 



The students felt nervous at first, however with the guidance and instruction from the OutBeyond leaders and group facilitators students grew their confidence and had the courage to give it a go!


When they reached the bottom they were extremely confident and happy with their achievements, which we celebrated in a reflection space as part of our plan, do and review model.


The group then travelled South towards the Gold Coast where they spent a few days participating in outdoor experiential learning activities, learning about the Australian way of life.


Students met and mixed with our local Australian school holiday camp students, which allowed for integration in a fun and interactive way.


Our staff enabled students to confidently engage with each other and share cultures.

We celebrated with a Disco!!


The next day we visited the local beaches and tried Stand Up Paddle Boarding in the Gold Coast. Guided and instructed by our program facilitators, students were able to develop confidence and self esteem working together and cooperating which each other to enjoy this fun and safe Australian pastime.


We hosted daily integration classes and feedback and reflection English language workshops where students were able to practise and build their oral English confidence in a safe and secure setting.


Our guides are all highly trained in education and share a passion for helping to educate young people to grow and develop skills for life.


We believe that learning can be fun, and the best way to learn is through experience.



Experiential learning at its finest!