OutBeyond Launches Experiential Learning Travel Programs for International Students

Customised programs give international students and those already studying in Australasia

unique, hands-on experiences


OutBeyond has announced the official launch of their educational travel programs. These customised programs offer unique, immersive experiences for students aged 8-25, who are either traveling to or already studying in Australasia.  


Through our Melbourne-based educational travel provider, school-aged international students can go beyond the confines of the classroom to experience short-course pathway opportunities. OutBeyond has gone behind the scenes with its partners across Victoria to deliver one of a kind experiences at each destination.  


OutBeyond travels to students in China, New Zealand, and Australia, working with them first to create custom-fit programs. “Students are encouraged to take full ownership of their experience, and rather than instruct, our team facilitates their journey,” said Livia Zhang, co-founder of OutBeyond.  


Flagship experiences offered by OutBeyond include Discovery, Pathway, and English Journeys. Discovery focuses on exploring iconic destinations and the cultures, people, and lifestyles found within. Pathway is a first-step to Australia, taking school-aged international students beyond traditional tours to connect them with enhanced experiences, creating educational and cultural connections in Australia. English Journeys is a mobile and interactive English development program, taking students to the most iconic tourist locations in Australia and New Zealand.