The team from Out Beyond were welcomed with a spectacular ceremony at a Middle School in the Guangxi Province today. 




The school has more than 1300 students in years 7 through to 9. Our team were shown a grand reception and felt very honoured to be a part of such an amazing ceremony. Shortly after arriving and meeting with the key school leaders, Joel, Todd and Harley were greeted by many different students - who all spoke incredible English language.




We were then invited to a tour to learn about the schools unique curriculum and philosophies. Visiting key classes from Language to Biology, Mathematics and Science, Physical Education, through to unique traditional arts and customs, including an incredible Music performance by the year 7 students.




After the tour, the Out Beyond team met with the key school leaders to discuss their current study abroad programs and how Australian camps and outdoor education programs are designed and conducted in Australia.


We also discussed future cooperations regarding bringing students from Guangxi to Victoria to be immersed into Australian culture, meet local students and families, and experience a taste of Australian outdoor education.



Out Beyond would like to thank the school and staff for their kind hospitality and we look forward to seeing you again soon.