Traditionally study tours last between a few weeks up to a few months. Students attend to gain a deeper understanding of what life might be like in Australia, and see if they would like to return to study here.


For too long Study Tours have been the same. ESL classes in the morning at a college or school, sightseeing activities such as the Melbourne Museum or Federation Square, hopping on and off the bus, before returning to a homestay family in the evening to enjoy a so called "real Aussie experience"...


Unfortunately, as the demand for inbound students has increased, along with 21st century student-needs, the option for study tour courses have remained unchallenged and ordinary. Some would say the overall offering has become somewhat "stale", with no real difference.


Leadership. Problem Solving. Critical Thinking. Creativity. Resilience. Grit. Collaboration. Communication.


OutBeyond does things differently. 



As the needs of students have changed, so has the need to challenge traditional study tours, and encourage the industry to rethink that way "things have always been done".


We focus on the specific development of a number of life skills through educational programs beyond the walls of the classroom. Out study tours, camps and outdoor education experiences are designed to complement the mainstream education system by encompassing 21st century learning. Learning through experience.


We simulate and orchestrate learning environments that set students up for great success. Our programs mentally, physically and personally challenge students to never underestimate their potential, as our facilitators guide each and every student through a multi-day journey, unlocking extraordinary character, confidence and self esteem in every program participant.


Our programs have a real impact on students, giving them the support tools so that they can become true global citizens, caring for each other and caring for the environment.



Our unique leadership program gives young people real life simulated learning opportunities, that encourages them to step outside their comfort zone, whether its giving a public presentation in front of their peers, delegating tasks to their team members, taking on the ownership and responsibility of the group, or being a part of the team. Students are given maker projects, where they are totally responsible for set durations during their camp or study tour - true empowerment.


We connect International schools with Australian schools so that students can develop long lasting relationships and support the development of cross cultural awareness, global citizenship and leadership skills.


We don't spend longer than a couple of days with local Australian schools so that our travelling students can have a broader experience of the destinations that they are travelling too, sometimes visiting 3 or 4 schools on a 2 weeks study tour.

 All of our programs are "Student-Led" meaning that all students are the ones responsible for ensuring a successful program, given them the ownership and responsibilities that they need to practise leadership, and develop their confidence and abilities to be great!

 In school day programs are co-facilitated by the School student leaders and ambassadors as well as the outBeyond Educators, who conduct on campus games and ice-breakers that enhance and support student learning, cross cultural engagement and immediately breaks down language barriers between overseas students and native students.


Students are the future leaders of our planet and its important that they are given the tools to imagine a world without boundaries, to live a life with unlimited possibility.