A group of students from Melbourne's Eastern suburbs, have been taking part in a leadership and development program where they have been planning and preparing for an expedition across Tasmania. 



Beginning in Launceston and ending in Hobart, the program gave students the opportunity to plan, lead and manage their own camp experience. 


Students worked with the OutBeyond Facilitators during the 'Planning Stage' of their camp program, in the lead up to the trip to Tasmania. They worked together to design and plan their itinerary, as well as meet the requirements of the International Duke of Edinburgh Award.


Students were given additional challenges such as team cash-budgets, food shopping, transportation plans, flights & logistics plans and much more.



Over the 5 day camp program, students travelled across half of Tasmania, taking in the breathtaking views, the amazing adventurous activities on offer, all whilst learning through outdoor education programming.



The customised school program, is designed to utilise the natural environments of Tasmania to develop resilience, independence and leadership in our program participants, through outdoor activities such as sea kayaking, bush walking, camp craft, outdoor cooking, survival skills, navigation, surfing, canyoning and rafting.


Through the facilitation of these activities, and the underlying OB leadership program students leave, feeling accomplished, and more confidence to try new experiences and give anything a go.



This program is designed for students aged between 11 years old and 18 years old. Its suitable for school groups, community groups and other corporate groups.