We had the privilege of hosting the Collingwood Magpies in the Freycinet National Park, Tasmania a couple of weeks ago on a 3 day outdoor adventure trip. Big thanks to the Collingwood planning team and all of the players involved. It was a fun and memorable adventure.

10 of Australia's most elite sportswomen who represent the Collingwood Magpies, of which several play for the National Australian Netball team, travelled with OutBeyond to Tasmania for 3 days as a practise match pre-season adventure.

They explored the island and ventured into Freycinet National Park taking part in adventure hikes, mountain biking and rock climbing activities.

The 3 day light adventure program was designed in partnership with the coaches at the Collingwood Football Club.

The director of OutBeyond, Joel Thompson said that “it was a pleasure working with the Collingwood football club coaches and managers in the development of this program, and we enjoyed every second of the Tassie trip!”

“The players all enjoyed their trip, a great time in Tassie and an excellent job done by the OutBeyond staff” said Chris Howley, Physical Performance Manager – Women’s Sport at the Collingwood Football Club