Making the decision to study abroad can be extremely confronting. Not only do you need to search for the ‘perfect’ study option, but even after being accepted there is still such a long way to go. Still, more than 120,000 International students have taken this journey and currently study in Melbourne.


OutBeyond’s Pathway Experience program connects school students visiting from China with tertiary students studying at Melbourne University.


Our pathway experience program provides international school-aged students with a direct connection to the Australian education system. Hands-on and simulated experiential learning was used to develop a deeper understanding of the history, cultures and lifestyles of each other’s countries. 


This program prepares students by encompassing outdoor education, camping, experiential learning and educational travel into the tour.


Pathway gives students an exciting and thought-provoking experience, establishing life-long friendships and support networks for future study.


Hear from our Melbourne University volunteer mentors:


“What this mentoring role gave me was new skills and new friends. That was really nice meeting the education facilitators and students. I like to apply my skills into the society and those in need.”


“I enjoyed the activity as it has lots of benefits for students, such as improving communication skills. This experience with OutBeyond helped me to learn more about Chinese high school students and I think that is an extra benefit.”




“After working with you guys, I think I have improved my skills of communicating with others and a sense of confidence. I would think of others first when dealing with an event.”


“It is my great honour to be part of this activity. I found it fascinating which allowed us to get involved in Australia’s volunteer culture and I felt really engaged during the volunteering.”





“It was quite unforgettable. Spending time with you guys and the students was such fun, and I really enjoyed helping you and the students. That really reminded me of my high school years.”