We asked some of our current (and former) staff why they do the work that they do?

It’s no secret, our industry attracts some of the most talented and well-rounded individuals because of the connection that we have with our work.

We value outdoor leaders and guides who are passionate about the outdoors and educational travel, who through their work with OutBeyond, give young people the necessary tools to be able to imagine a world without limitations, so that they can live a life with unlimited possibility. 

Hear what our teammates think about the work that we do:

"I have always loved getting outside and away on a camp or in an activity; for me it is a chance to shut off the everyday world and enjoy myself. I hope to inspire the kids on camp as well as staff that I am working alongside to take more risks and get outside their comfort zone, as well as to get outside of. themselves and help other people." - Sean Bell (Program Facilitator)

"OutBeyond not only offers me a platform to develop my leadership skills, but also to further shape a program that bring together three very important aspects of my own experience, those being travel, community and experiential learning opportunities" -Peter Bishop (Program Coordinator)

"I love to grow and develop my own skills and confidence as a facilitator with OutBeyond, and aspire to work in a variety of roles in the future where I can continue to challenge myself and share my passion for the outdoors" - Matt (Program Facilitator)

"I want to continue to learn from new people and students alike, and I feel OutBeyond is a supportive organisation where I can be creative, try out new ideas and provide more life opportunities for students." - Peter Bishop

"It's been awesome working with OutBeyond as I am based out of New Zealand and joining there program here have given me a fresh perspective on the Outdoor Industry" - Paul

"I would love to become more comfortable with leading groups of school aged children in the outdoors.  As this is the work, I feel I was destined to do, I would love for this to be a great first proper step into the industry" - Nick (Program Facilitator)

"OutBeyond has been my first real step out into the world of Outdoor Leadership and Education. OutBeyond can provide a career as an outdoor leader to allow me to see the world and meet incredible people, but initially, I just want OutBeyond to provide a platform where I can learn and grow as much as possible as an outdoor leader" - Caelan (Program Facilitator)

"I am working for a company like OutBeyond to excel my Career growth, confidence, international adventures, consolidating myself within the industry, and a continual learning process, as there is always more to learn!!" - Isabella (Program Facilitator)

"I want to help young people develop their character by helping them develop their personal values, thereby allowing them to avoid cognitive dissonance later in life and all the negative mental health side effects that go with it" - Sean Skelton

"I feel OutBeyond provides invaluable experiences and learning for me to become a competent facilitator. I have been able to travel to international places with OutBeyond such as New Zealand" - Steph