We're delivering camp program in the Grampians National Park this week, working closely with one of Victoria's leading regional schools, and their teaching staff, to deliver leadership activities and experiential activities to 200 Year 9 students.



Our program, like all OB programs, have been designed with "student outcomes" as the core focus. We allow students to plan, do and review their own activities. 


Some of our longer programs aim to empower young people to take a lead role and active ownership of their camp program, allowing them to make decisions on camp that they are accountable for, good and not so good. 



This learning environment, is a form of simulation of leadership, where students are able to feel confident, safe and responsible. 

Guided by our facilitators, students are able to process their learning independently as a group of students directing the "show", rather than a group of teachers giving the direction. 

We run highly engaging and fun activities so that students enjoy their camp program, and have lots of fun whilst doing so.



We also teach a wide range of life skills such as communication, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, leadership, team work and many more.




We support academic education, through providing an outdoor classroom to reinforce what is taught inside of the classroom. Transporting the textbook, to practical application, in unique environments.



If you want to learn more about OB, please give us a call on 1300 856 340